How to build a career in Sports Management?
How to build career in Sports Management

✍️  Divyansh Kumar

🗓️ May 31, 2023

The Winning Playbook: Building a Successful Career in Sports Management

Here we are with the second part of our article! Let us once again explore the world of sports management, discover career opportunities, and gain insider knowledge to excel in this competitive industry. Whether you aspire to work with professional sports teams, marketing agencies, athletic departments, or event management organizations, this article series is your go-to resource for strategies, skills, and insider tips. Get ready to lace up your career boots and embark on an exciting journey toward a fulfilling sports management career. 

How to build career in Sports


Previously we were given insights by the founder of ISM Globe, Mr. Pratik Hinduja, we covered a part on ‘What is sports management?‘.

So let us continue with a few more answers to our questions!


What are some of the technical aspects of the field that one might learn during the course?

So there are various technologies that we make the students master to build their careers in the field, one such platform would be Vizrt, which is a software specializing in broadcast graphics and visual storytelling solutions. They empower broadcasters and content creators with tools for real-time graphics, virtual studios, augmented reality, and interactive storytelling.

We make them understand the usage of production cameras with the help of Quidich, and many other aspects as well.


What are some of the teaching methods used at ISM GLOBE to enhance learning?

We at ISM believe in complementing theoretical studying with practical implementation.

ISM provides diversified learning of different sports & sports management roles, the students are encouraged to organize their events based on the sports they are interested in, they are taught production planning & are allowed to do live projects with our collaborations with different brands.

career in Sports Management



How does the institute stay up-to-date with the changes in sports?

Everyone at the institute especially the teachers stay updated on the trends in all the sports or the sports which they teach, the basic idea is to follow the events going on in the world of sports, every month or week there is some or the other event happening all over the world of sports.

We also want our students to keep following current events such as the Roland Garros, the European Formula 1 league, the UEFA champions league finals, NBA Playoffs, the ICC world test championship final, and many more such events. Staying updated helps you boost your skills.


What are some of the collaborations that the institute has with brands?

At ISM we are working in collaboration with different brands to widen exposure & provide the students with the best opportunities. This enhances them to build career in Sports Management. Some of our major Collaborations are,

Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid(Real Madrid School) X ISM GLOBE (a multi-year exchange program for students)

PUMA X ISM GLOBE (collaborated for their latest campaign, you can find it on our social media handles)

Orangutan X ISM GLOBE (for e-sport events & learning)

Superkicks X ISM GLOBE (For Visual Merchandising)

Decathlon X ISM GLOBE (Branding & Live projects)




What is it that makes ISM GLOBE stand out from other institutes?

Well, ISM has its own events arm called ISM Events, we are the only institute to do so.

At ISM the students are allowed to organize their events and also at the same time practice their sport as well, Our students get the opportunities to work with Globally renowned brands like Puma, Decathlon, F1, Formula – e, Disney Hotstar, Nivia, and many more.

We are also the only institute to have an academy to train our students in the sport they play in.

We have a collaboration with Real Madrid School which allows our students to study abroad in Spain.


Where do you see ISM in the near future? What is it that you dream of?

Well, the final goal and dream are to build and develop a sports facility college with the right infrastructure for multiple sports, making it a one-stop destination for sports enthusiasts looking to get into the sports management field. Other than that one dream is to enter into Motor racing engineering.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” 

– football legend Pelé


Still Confused How to build career in Sports Management?

Visit ISM GLOBE Campus to know more about Jobs in Sports. ISM GLOBE is a Top Sports Management Institute in Bandra, Mumbai. They have multiple certified courses after 12th and provide degree in sports.ISM Globe Logo

Such as PGPSM (12 month Post Graduation in Sports Management program). Here you can study 6 Months in Spain and 6 Months in India. There are multiple short term courses like SM-101(4 months Sports Management program). These are available at ISM GLOBE related to Career in Sports and Sports Management Degree.

They also provide Summer School for the children above 14 who wish to take sports lessons in a professional manner.

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