4 steps to become a Sports Data Analyst
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✍️  Aniket Nimase

🗓️ Sept 10, 2023


How to become a sports data analyst

A career in sports analysis can be highly satisfying for anyone interested in sports. Sports analysts use data to enhance the performance of sports teams and sports businesses. Understanding what sports analysts do and their qualifications can help you decide whether an occupation in sports analysis interests you. In this article, we define what a sports analyst is, discuss what they do, outline the importance of sports analytics, discuss their work environment, including skills and salaries, and show you how to become a sports analyst.

What Is Sports Analytics?

Here are four steps you can take to become a sports data analyst:

1. Get a bachelor’s degree in sports

If you opt for this career, the first step is getting a sports bachelor’s degree. The coursework emphasizes sports primarily but also covers other courses, such as business, programming, and statistics. Another suitable option is taking statistics, engineering, or business classes with sports analytics as a minor. You can complement your bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree in sports analytics.

2. Choose an area of specialization

When starting your career, it’s critical to identify the field to specialize in before moving to the next step. There are several sectors where sports data analysts can find employment, such as sports management. Sports supervision is becoming data-driven, meaning that with analytical skills, you are usually better placed to get leadership roles in organizations.

3. Develop an interest in sports and sports analytics

You can show your sports analysis through blogs and newsletters. While this enables you to gain valuable experience in data analysis, it might also allow you to network with other professionals in the industry. Becoming a sports analyst can help if you have a passion for sports. With this interest, you can better understand the rules and dynamics, which may make analysis easier for you.

4. Get relevant work experience

Experience gives you a definite advantage when attending job interviews. Prepare an exceptional resume showing your education qualifications and work experience, then find jobs you qualify for and apply. You can also volunteer and look for tasks that expose you to various aspects of this field.


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