What courses to pursue after 12th in sports?
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What courses to pursue after 12th in sports?

The Sports Industry is as broad and welcoming to a non-athlete as it is to an athletic person. There are numerous ways a “passionate for sports” person can work. Work in sports industry and not be involved in the athletic aspect of it. The importance of making an event or sport loved by the audience is the responsibility of the backend personnel as much as it is of the sports person. A career in sports management can be achieved any day. If the dedication is the same as that of a sports player while putting in the best he can on that game ground.

Looking at the Sports courses to pursue after 12th. There are a ton of options that are available to the sports enthusiastic youth out there. And the best things that come through are when you find your specialisation in a particular segment of the sports industry. For eg, if an individual is great with analysis and data then they could aim at being a sports analyst. Similarly if an individual is great at planning, managing and organising then Sports Event Management is what they can focus on.

Before getting into all these career options one needs to complete their undergraduate degrees. Here’s the list of the following top courses in sports that can be opted for after 12th:

1. BBA in Sport Management.

A bachelor of Business Management (BBA) in sports management. It is a course that brings together the ethics of management and business workings in the fields of sports management.

2. BA in Sport Management.

A Bachelor of arts in sports management is a program that can help graduates become seceders in the sports and exercise industries.

3. BSc. in Sports Science.

BSc in sports science is a degree that allows the individual to work on deeper fitness knowledge and focus on pursuing physical education as a career goal.

4. BSc. in Sports Science and Nutrition.

This degree focuses on the scientific and factual study of human performance on the ground, pre and post-performance.

5. Bachelor of Sports Management.

This degree can be called an all-rounder, something that teaches all aspects of sports management. BBA in Sport Management.

6. BSc. in Physical Education and Sports Science.

This 3-year degree course teaches the students how to examine the physical endurance and performance of a particular sports player and also have an in-depth study on the scientific aspects of sports.

7. B.P.Ed. Bachelor of Physical Education.

This degree solely focuses on the extensive learning of physical education & fills an individual with the knowledge of health and fitness which is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of sports. 

What courses after 12th in sports

There are numerous opportunities for an individual to get into the sports industry and the sports industry is so broad and has numerous degrees as well that provide the individual to specialise  in the profession of their interest. The undergraduate degree can further be improvised by getting higher education for the same. There are various master’s & PG programs as well that are additional degrees for your field of expertise in the sports industry. 

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