What We Do

Sports management courses at the Institute of Sports Management are designed to provide an end to end result for a student. ISM is structured around the vision of “Making every Knowledge count”. The courses encompass learnings such as, how to conceptualize an event, build a brand, and manage an event. ISM is built to mentor, educate and condition students in the field of sports event planning and management. ISM synergises naturally with Corpolympics, a sister company of ISM. Corpolympics looks to cater to the youthful, energetic crowd and curate events and tournaments. This allows a student to gain practical knowledge for the execution of his/her ideas.
The classes are structured in a way to makes the experience very interactive.

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ISM Roadmap

ISM Vision

Only one vision and one mission, Sports should be seen as an early career option in our country. Students shall realize early on in their lives, if sports is where their passion lies they shall pursue it. At ISM we believe in “making every knowledge count” !!. Today brands and federations are looking at individuals who have up skilled themselves in the sporting space. And we believe ISM to become a pioneer to that.

The vision does not stop at education but is the first seed to a future that educates, incubates, mentors and accelerates the future innovations of tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world.

How we do it


Get 1 on 1 mentorship personally from the most experienced minds in the sports management world.


Learn the required sports management skills for establishing a real sports event and nurturing hidden talents.


Give direction and create opportunities.

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