The demand for jobs related to sports continues to increase
Jobs in sports Cricket

✍️  Kaustubh Thakur

🗓️ March 28, 2023


Sports is something which truly connects with people in a way in which no other thing. The world right now is at the peak of sports marketing where a lot more people watch it which brings in a ton of money. That money is translating into more job opportunities in the field. If we take cricket for example, earlier it used to be just the players and 1 manager while now there is a head coach, 3 assistant coaches, logistics manager, physio, masseur, and mental conditioning coach amongst other things. Sports media is at its peak because fans want to constantly stay connected to their favourite teams or players in one way or the other.

 Medical-related jobs:

The volume of matches in any sport is increasing and hence players are playing a lot more than they used to back in the day. That makes fitness even more important which is why teams have medical professionals.

1. Physiotherapist – Someone who treats physical injuries with methods like massaging, exercise etc

2. Nutritionist – Someone who keeps the players’ diet in check so that the player is healthy

3. Psychologist – Someone who works with players to improve their mental health

4. Kinesiologist – Someone who works on the body movement of players and treats joint injuries

5. Chiropractors – Someone who treats pain or dysfunction of muscles, bones and joints 


Jobs directly related to the sport:

There are plenty of people behind the scenes that help athletes to improve their game. Such professionals usually have played the sport themselves and take up supporting roles.

1. Coaches: Someone who maps out practice sessions and helps the players develop/ better their game.

2. Trainer: Someone who designs physical exercise programs to increase the strength and stamina of the player.

3. Athletic Director: Someone who supervises the coaches and the support staff.



Other jobs that aid the player/team:

Other people don’t directly influence the playing side but they focus on the things that need to be taken care of off the field.

1. Manager: Someone who manages the team/player’s logistical needs like taking care of travel, accommodation, and training gear.

2. Marketing teams: This is very key to increasing popularity which in turn brings in financial gains. Now with technological advancements, there are a lot of jobs created related to marketing.

3. Lawyer: Someone who takes care of the legal side of things. Nowadays with so many contractual things that are involved in sports, lawyers are a necessity.


Jobs in Sports media:

Sports media in this day and age is at its peak. Social and digital media are creating more and more jobs by the day.

1. Analysts: Someone who watches the games very closely and provides their insights to the viewers.

2. Experts: Someone who has watched a particular sport very closely and gives his expert opinion on the game.

3. Journalists: Someone who breaks important news related to the game and has to keep a close relationship with people who are people close to the game.

The field of sports has so many jobs and with time it is likely to increase. The biggest contributor to that is the technological advancement that has happened. There are more eyes on sports than ever before due to the digitalisation of sports and fans constantly want to consume content related to their favourite sports.

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