Sports Management Excellence: The Fusion between Sports and Management
Virat Kohli with Manager

✍️ Kaustubh Thakur

🗓️ Apr 9, 2024

Sports as a career is steadily gaining prominence, particularly in India, and with it, the significance of sports management is also increasing. The influx of funds into sports has fostered an ecosystem that sustains top-level athletes and their teams. A career in sports is now recognized, alongside a career in sports management. Not too long ago there weren’t many courses available in the Sports Management domain but now there are a plethora of options at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

How to enter the field of Sports Management?

Several Sports Management Institutes offer programs to pursue this field. ISM GLOBE stands out as a top institute for a career in Sports Management in Mumbai. It provides various certified courses that students can undertake after completing their graduation. Additionally, ISM GLOBE offers degree programs, including an 11-month Post Graduate Program in Sports Management. This program allows students to study for 6 months in Spain and 6 months in India while there is also a 4-month Sports Management program available.

Career Opportunities in Sports Management

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Numerous avenues exist for individuals aspiring to enter Sports Management, given its continual growth. There are roles in media, such as Broadcasters, Commentators, and Journalists, as well as behind-the-scenes positions like Camera Operators, Analysts, and Production Designers. Management roles involve working directly with athletes. Furthermore, options such as trainers and coaches are available for those who wish to be directly involved in sports. There are also other options like promoters, event managers and marketers which work on specific sports events.

Working in the field of Sports Management is very fast paced and dynamic. The life of an athlete is full of ups and downs but the management side of things has to remain constant. ISM GLOBE gives students the right balance of book knowledge and real life experience. ISM GLOBE takes students on industry visits to places like the Puma Store and Quidich Labs where their students can observe things first hand.

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