ISM GLOBE Students Embark on an Industry Visit to Puma
ISM GLOBE Students Industry Visit to Puma

✍️ Kaustubh Thakur

🗓️ Mar 26, 2024

ISM GLOBE students recently had the privilege of visiting the Puma store, accompanied by their peers from UPG College. The experience was highly enriching as the students learned several things about how the store functions.

Students learn about Brand articulation of Global guidelines 

Students interacting at Puma store

Puma is one of the biggest brands in the world and the challenge lies in making sure that the local stores represent the overall global value. Students of Sports Management saw firsthand how the Brand articulates its global guidelines at the ground level.

Importance of the Industrial Visit Experience

ISM GLOBE students at Puma

It is experiences like these that add a lot of value to anyone looking to make a career in Sports Marketing. Getting knowledge present in books and classrooms is important, however, it is these experiences that make ISM GLOBE stand out. Students get to experience many such Industrial visits where they observe the practical application of the concepts that they learn.

ISM GLOBE offers multiple certified sports management courses that students can pursue after completing graduation. ISM GLOBE also offers degree courses including an 11 month Post Graduate Program in Sports Management in which a PGPSM student can study 6 months in Spain and 6 months in India in order to make a career in sports and management.

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