Visual Merchandising at ISM GLOBE
visual merchandising at ISM GLOBE

✍️ Pratyusha Srivastava

🗓️ Feb 12, 2024

Visual Merchandising at ISM GLOBE

At ISM GLOBE, we characterize visual merchandising beyond its theoretical concept and prepare the students for the dynamic world of sports retail through the means of hands-on, immersive experience. As it’s an integral part of the Post Graduate Program of Sports Management, students for their final assessment, transformed the campus into an appealing sports store. Our sports management students organized a meticulously planned display of these stores to create a compelling storytelling experience as they optimized the use of space. A practical approach as such, encourages students to acquire skills to mobilize an engaging retail environment as well as coherent brand messages. 

The sports industry heavily relies upon visual merchandising to attract and retain customers. We, at ISM GLOBE, comprehend that and therefore we work towards immersing students in the art of crafting engaging and effective displays, to shape them for a better future in sports retail. This way, we ensure our ISM GLOBE post-graduates are equipped to meet the demands of the competitive and evolving sector of sports retail. 

The extensive theoretical knowledge that we provide, when combined with hands-on practice, helps our students to gain a deep understanding of how visual merchandising can influence the drive sales and customer behavior. 

With the evolving industry, ISM GLOBE continues to differentiate and innovate itself and by emphasizing visual merchandising, we intend to add a unique and valuable aspect to our PGPSM program. By introducing the students to the whole new world of marketing and technology, we at ISM GLOBE not only secure a successful career for the students but also lead the way in setting new standards for sports retail education. 

Project-Based Learning for the Sports Retail Industry 

The final assessments where our students have undertaken the sports store project are a testament to the level of their creativity and dedication in the field of visual merchandising. To start with, ISM GLOBE has primarily focused on renowned brands such as PUMA and Total Sports for which the students meticulously planned each display and paid close attention to the brand colors and storytelling. 

The important consideration that our students aim for here is to develop an immersive and cohesive experience for our target audience and transform them into paying customers. We intend to create such a dynamic space that meets the demands of the real-world sports retail industry. 

PUMA set-up at ISM GLOBE

Therefore, at ISM GLOBE, students demonstrated optimum use of space to present various sporting equipment in a manner that appeals to the customers and engages more sightseers in the stores. As the students inundated themselves with this practical project, not only did they attain invaluable hands-on experience but also accustomed themselves to the dynamics and functionalities of sports retail. In addition to that, our visual merchandising program provided the students with the platform to showcase their skills and highlight the industry-relevant approach required for visual merchandising. 

Significance of Hands-on Experience 

In the field of sports retail, the significance of visual merchandising is overstated. This is why while training ISM GLOBE students for the industry, providing them with hands-on experience has exemplary significance. Hands-on skills are those abilities acquired by means of active engagement and practical learning rather than theoretical textbooks. 

These skills help aspiring ISM GLOBE students gain proficiency in problem-solving, and decision-making skills and foster innovative and creative commands. Moreover, having a platform where they can apply the principles of visual merchandising in real-world settings teaches them to capture the essence of different brands and create an immersive customer experience. 

Total Sports set-up at ISM GLOBE

Secondly, the sports retail industry demands these skills and expertise in this field. At ISM GLOBE, we provide students with the opportunity and gain hands-on experience through projects that facilitate the challenges and technicalities of the sports retail sector. This practical and industry-relevant approach not only ascertains the excellence of our students at ISM GLOBE but also contributes towards the advancement of this sector. 


To conclude, ISM GLOBE comprehends the value of visual merchandising in the industry of sports retail. Therefore, for our ISM GLOBE students who aspire to be retail managers, we formulated this project in our PGPSM program and provide the students with invaluable hands-on experience, in order to prepare and train them for the dynamic world of sports retail and help them build a career in sports management.

We led the way for our students to immerse themselves in real-world projects and work with renowned brands of PUMA and Total Sports. This way, students of ISM GLOBE attain a deep understanding of how visual merchandising influences the sales of stores as well as the behavior of customers toward the products. On top of that, this emphasis on practical learning sets the ISM GLOBE apart, ensuring the graduates are well-prepared to fulfill the requirements of the sports retail industry and make a mark in the field. This ISM GLOBE’s Post Graduate Program in Sports Management program reflects our commitment to offer students a comprehensive and industry-relevant education.

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  1. Mustafa Badri

    It was a GREAT experience . My batchmates and I had an eventful time while brain storming. Overall, my experience with ISM GLOBE has been outstanding and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking top-notch services .


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