From Static Screens to Virtual Pitches: JioCinema’s XR Revolutionizes IPL Viewing
JioCinema Pixotope collaboration

✍️ Vaibhaw Tiwary

🗓️ May 3, 2024

The Indian Premier League has set a benchmark for changing how cricket is perceived by both players and fans alike. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see them emerge at the forefront of technological innovation in sports broadcasting. 

In the 2024 edition, Viacom 18’s JioCinema has implemented eXtended Reality (XR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to redefine the fan’s experience. 

Ushering in the Era of Immersive Viewing

JioCinema integrates XR for an immersive viewing experience

If you’re a 90s kid, you probably have seen the static camera angles that provide a limited view and perspective of the field and the players. XR, which combines AR and VR, is here to change that. 

Further leveraging Virtual Reality technology, JioCinema transfers its fans onto the cricket field itself. There, they can experience the game from the players’ perspective, almost as if they’re witnessing the action while standing beside their favourite players.

In the quest to revolutionize sports broadcasting, Quidich Innovation Labs is also playing a pivotal role in reshaping how people view sports events. Recently, students from ISM GLOBE had the opportunity to visit the Quidich Innovation Lab, where they experienced firsthand the company’s latest technology in sports broadcasting. They also got hands-on experience with Quidich’s spider camera and buggy camera, gaining valuable insights into the future of sports broadcasting.

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Beyond Entertainment: Personalized Experiences and Data-Driven Insights

Moreover, JioCinema’s goal is not just to enhance and amplify the viewing segment. They have also integrated AR overlays that provide the viewers with real-time stats and data, eventually catering to every cricket enthusiast’s fantasy of becoming active participants instead of passive spectators.

JioCinema offers personalised viewing 

The collaboration between Viacom18 and other industry leaders like Pixotope further strengthens this initiative. Pixotope is a leading software company that provides AR and VR solutions for broadcast television, events, sports, and esports production. Founded in 2013 and with its headquarters in Olso, Norway, Pixotope equips its clients with a varied range of Live Augmented Reality tools. With cutting-edge virtual graphics and real-time data analysis, they have transformed the broadcasting experience as a whole.

IPL has always been a trailblazer and trendsetter in the field of cricket and entertainment. Over the years, it has renovated and reinvented the definition of the T20 format in more than one way possible. With the integration and innovative use of XR, JioCinema offers watershed moments. 

So, brace yourselves, cricket fans. The future of sports broadcasting is here, and it is going to be a game-changer. 

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