Industry Visit to Quidich Innovation Labs
Quidich Industry Visit - ISM GLOBE

✍️  Kaustubh Thakur

🗓️ Feb 15, 2024

ISM GLOBE students delved into the realm of broadcasting at Quidich Innovation Labs

As part of the Post Graduate Program in Sports Management at ISM GLOBE, students study Broadcasting, a pivotal subject in the curriculum. However, merely sitting in a classroom can only impart knowledge to a certain extent. Thus, they were provided with an opportunity to visit the Quidich Innovation Labs and gain hands-on experience learning about various broadcasting tools.

ISM GLOBE students interactive session at Quidich Labs

Gaining Valuable Insights on Technology Used in Live Coverage

Numerous facets of technology are employed in live sports coverage, and ISM GLOBE acknowledged the importance of familiarizing students with them. At Quidich Innovation Labs, students had the chance to delve into the intricacies of the Quidich Tracker. The landscape of broadcasting has undergone significant evolution in the past decade. Viewers now crave intricate details, and the Quidich tracker plays a pivotal role in providing real-time insights. It tracks player movements, showcasing live field placements, and distances between fielders. It serves as a significant tool for commentators, offering additional talking points during games. Students acquired detailed insights into the tracker’s design, operations, and future developments.

Students explored the infamous buggy camera at Quidich

ISM GLOBE students with Buggy Cam

The Buggy Camera has immortalized some of the finest moments in sports broadcasting history. Greats like Steve Smith and Stuart Broad have shared amusing encounters with the Buggy Camera. ISM GLOBE students seized the opportunity to comprehend the workings of this camera and interact with personnel responsible for its control during live broadcasts.

Additionally, the students prepared an industry report and presented it at the Quidich office. Understanding broadcasting is crucial for a successful career in sports, and the industry visit proved immensely valuable for the students.

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