Revv Up Your Engines: Here’s How you can get the Ultimate F1 Season 2023 Experience
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✍️  Divyansh Kumar

🗓️ March 04, 2023


“Lights out and away we go!!”, the fans have been eagerly waiting to hear this expression as the engines revved and the race take off! Guess what? we are only a couple of days away from hearing it, the F1 2023 season kicks off in the Bahrain Grand Prix, here is your guide to watch the race live!

As the 2023 season of the peak of motorsports, Formula 1 launches into action on Sunday, 5th March, in Bahrain in the first grand prix of the season. Amid a plethora of changes, in terms of drivers as well as team principals, there has been another major change that majorly pertains to the Indian audience – broadcasting rights.

Previously the races in India for the fans were broadcasted through Star Sports and streamed on Disney+ Hotstar. This year however will not be the same as the platforms have not renewed the streaming rights. Thus, this year the sport’s platform will be broadcasting the races.

To watch live races F1 enthusiasts will have to get a subscription to an OTT platform launched in India called F1 TV Pro. And this platform offers you more than just watching the race! It offers the fans to view the race with live onboard angles and team radio.

Subscription Model for F1

F1 has introduced a subscription model for fans known as F1 TV Access, it provides a member with all live data from the races along with replays, though without the live streaming facility.

Subscription for F1 TV Pro

  • Fans can now check out the F1 TV Pro by subscribing or enjoying the free 7-day trial period. 
  • After the 7-day free trial fans will have to pay and subscribe to the plans provided by F1 TV.
  • Unique camera angles, onboard camera footage of the 20 drivers, team radio channels, and live analysis will be available on the F1 TV Pro. 
  • Fans can also watch Formula 2, Formula 3, and also the Porsche Super cup series on the platform.

Cost of F1 TV Pro In India 

Well coming to the point, what will it cost the fans?

  • So F1 has introduced 2 different options for subscriptions i.e. A monthly plan and an annual plan. 
  • The monthly plan costs around INR 399.
  • Alternatively, the annual plan provides a one-time payment fee of INR 2999 for viewing the entire season. 

Well, the fans would need to shell out some money to watch this season! but there is one more thing that the streaming platform has added for the users, multiple users can share an F1 TV Pro account! Yes you heard it right F1 TV Pro allows a total of 6 devices to be registered in a single account, However, the LIVE Streaming of the race will be AVAILABLE only on a single device.

That’s all for today folks. Happy Streaming! Lights out and away we go!!

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