Drive To Survive: Diving into the High-Speed World of Formula One Racing
f1 Drive to Survive season 5

✍️  Divyansh Kumar

🗓️ February 25, 2023


From the high-speed adrenaline rush to the intense rivalries and breathtaking action, Drive to Survive has seized the hearts of racing fans around the world, it has brought the thrilling world of Formula 1 back to life like never before!

Drive to survive

The famous F1 documentary series returns to Netflix this time focusing on the domination of Red Bull and the blunders of Ferrari in the 2022 season. The fifth series of going behind the scenes of f1 will feature on 24th February on Netflix.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive has caused a worldwide spectacle. It has led to a surge of new fans into F1 and has brought in a lot of casual viewership who are eagerly awaiting the next season of the sensational Netflix series. The wait is over.

Season 5 of the docuseries takes the fans on a ride behind the curtains of Formula 1. And is rounding the final bend in the formation lap, and is ready for lights out.

Season 4 looked back on the fiery 2021 season where Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton went head-to-head and pushed each other so much that they went into the last race of the 2021 season with equal points on the board. 2021

After Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix turned into one of the major questionable sports moments in the history of F1 as Verstappen went past Hamilton on the very last lap of the race.

While the 2022 season was different, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes did not challenge the other teams for the title this year. This year it was total domination of Red Bull and Verstappen from the start of the season, whereas, Ferrari showed notable improvements regardless of many questionable strategic calls and was scrutinized for the same.

As Sebastian Vettel retired from Formula 1, the four-time world champion is sure to receive a hero’s send-off in the docuseries when we watch it.

Verstappen’s crowing of back-to-back world champions was not without controversy, as the Dutchman did not even know he was the world champion until the officials told him. He was told on the podium in Japan that he had won the Drivers’ Championship, in confusion he asked “are you sure?”

The trailer of the new series has been released, showcasing small insights into the series. It does reveal a big piece of news – World champion Max Verstappen is back!

The Dutchman has turned down taking part in the previous season because he felt that his interviews were being misused. But he has apparently returned for the new season of the docuseries.

When and where to watch the Drive to Survive series?

The release date has been confirmed as 24th February 2023. It will be available on Netflix for the viewers to watch.

There are expected to be 10 episodes, and their titles and images have been released!

  1. The New Dawn – Charles Leclerc
  2. Bounce Back – Toto Wolff
  3. Like Father, Like Son – Mick Schumacher
  4. Matter of Principal – Ferrari
  5. Hot Seat – Sergio Perez
  6. Pardon my French – Fernando Alonso
  7. Nice guys finish last – Daniel Ricciardo
  8. Alpha Male – Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly
  9. Over the limit – Christian Horner
  • End of the road – Mercedes

This year’s title seems to be anything other than cryptic. So, we can take a reasonable guess on the basis of the subject of each episode. If this season is anything like the past few seasons, we expect the final episode to wrap everything up and say nothing new.

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