Career Pathways in Sports Management
Career Pathways in Sports Management

✍️  Kaustubh Thakur

🗓️ Mar 13, 2024

Top 5 Career Pathways in Sports Management

The industry of Sports Management is scaling new heights as time progresses. The amount of money being put into sports has resulted in the creation of an ecosystem that is sustainable at least for the top-level athletes. With marketing an athlete can not only earn good money but he can also create jobs for others to make money.

1. Talent Management


An athlete’s life is so hectic on and off the field. At any level, they can’t do it by themselves as they need someone to manage things for them. The job pays well as one manager/agent can always have a lot of players under him. In India, all the top athletes either form their own team or sign up with an agency that looks after the marketing and sponsorship side of things.

2. Sports Event Production

Sports Event Management

Athletes have a lot of fan following and people tend to spend a lot of money to catch a glimpse of their favorite player. Sports Event production is when you manage to get athletes for an event to either play a friendly game or answer audience questions or talk about something. Nowadays with the popularity of YouTube and Twitch, a lot of events are streamed live which generates a considerable amount of money.

3. Sports Broadcasting

Sports Broadcasting

Sports Broadcasting is possibly the oldest profession on this list. In-game commentary along with pre and post-game analysis makes it a better viewing for the audience. It is usually dominated by ex-players but there are still places for people who have never played a sport.

4. Sports Journalist

Sports Presentation

Sports Journalism is at an all-time high as there are so many platforms. Whether it’s journalism on social media, TV Channels, newspapers, or websites, Sports Journalism is a reliable source of income. Journalism can be done in written form or via radio or video.

5. E-Sports operations manager

E-Sports is growing at the speed of light in today’s age. Games like Valorant, League of Legends and Dota have gained a lot of popularity not just in terms of playing but also viewing. Managing the career of E-Sports athlete has emerged as a prominent career.

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