MCET School Visit to PDCSE
MCET students at PDCSE

✍️ Pratyusha Srivastava

🗓️ Mar 6, 2024

Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School Visit to (PDCSE) Padukone – Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence

The Sheer excitement on the faces of students was priceless as ISM Academy took them for their much-anticipated trip to PDCSE (Padukone – Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence). Eager chatter and laughter echoed through the school halls as they boarded the bus to begin the exhilarating experience.

To start with, as the journey began, a sense of camaraderie enveloped the students. The ISM Academy organized the students of Maneckji Cooper Education Trust– MCET to travel together to ignite the spirit of unity and teamwork among them. As they reached their destination, the students, filled with the aspiration to build a career in sports, dived into a whirlwind of activities. From playing together as a team or daily matches, the MCET students enjoyed every moment to the core.

MCET students training at PDCSE

ISM Academy, which works together with MCET focused on healthy eating habits throughout the trip so that the young ISM Academy students stayed energized and nourished for their adventures. We also encouraged students to get the early sunshine by waking them early in the morning and setting the tone for an exciting day ahead.

ISM GLOBE encouraged the young students to socialize with students from other schools, and they relished the experience as well as enjoying staying away from home in their dormitories.

MCET Students at pool

Rejuvenation came in the form of pool time as ISM Academy helped the students to let go of any remnants of stress or worry by letting the waves of water hit their bodies. The dedicated pool time became a place of relaxation and fun, adding another layer of enjoyment to their trip.

However, the best part remained to explore PDCSE as it made our ISM GLOBE students feel like stepping into a world of wonder. Each corner held new discoveries and adventures, sparking curiosity and awe in the young minds. In the world of sports management institute, PDCSE is a multi-sport, state-of-the-art sportsplex, featuring top-notch facilities for athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts– all aspiring for a career in sports.

The MCET School visit to PDCSE cannot be summed up as an ISM Academy school trip; it was a transformative experience that enriched the lives of our students. They build connections, rejuvenate themselves, build healthy habits, and explore the breathtaking array of facilities. By doing so, they created memories that would forever be etched in their hearts.

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