Ferrari Finished 1st and 2nd Place in Australian GP after 20 years
Ferrari wins Australian Open

✍️ Vaibhaw Tiwary

🗓️ Mar 29, 2024

As the dust settled at Albert Park, Melbourne, a city that takes its sport very seriously, Ferrari emerged as the crowned champion of the Australian Grand Prix, having secured 1-2 position for the first time in 20 years.

This story is not just about Ferrari defying the odds to register a win. But about a man with tremendous grit and determination who fought against all odds to secure this win.

Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about Carlos Sainz. The celebrated F1 driver hasn’t had the best start to the season by far. Just a month before the start of the 2024 campaign, Ferrari left him jobless for the upcoming season of 2025 as they announced Lewis Hamilton joining the team.

Sainz defies odds to emerge victorious at Australian GP

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc wins Formula 1 Australian GP

As if that was not enough, Sainz soon found himself in a hospital bed in Saudi Arabia, having to undergo emergency appendicitis surgery. This forced him to miss the second race in Jeddah. However, the Spaniard was not giving up easily.

Weeks later, he was by the starting grid, ready to prove everyone wrong. It would not be just a race for Sainz; instead, it was a declaration of unwavering spirit. This time, he was fighting not just his opponents but his own demons as well. Sainz showed calculated aggression and raw talent to defy all limitations imposed on the Spaniard by the surgery.

Verstappen forced out with brake issues

Verstappen forced to retire from Australian GP

Luck favours the bold, they say, and something similar happened with Sainz. Max Verstappen had to retire because of a brake problem. Sainz was quick to capitalise on this opportunity. By showcasing masterful control, he gained an upper hand on his teammate ahead of the race’s final lap. Moreover, a crash in the final lap by George Russell brought on the virtual safety car that eased the Ferrari driver’s path to victory.

The Melbourne crowd roared as Sainz crossed the finish line with Leclerc in tow. Ferrari’s 1-2 finish is a story of resilience. Sainz, battling a recent surgery and team exit news, defied the odds to win. Melbourne witnessed a champion rise, and the 2024 season promises to be a thrilling battleground.

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