Abhishek Michael: An Inspiring Journey from ISM GLOBE to Real Madrid Graduate School
Abhishek with Pratik Hinduja CEO & Founder ISM GLOBE

Every institute boasts of its star alumni, and for ISM GLOBE, it’s none other than Abhishek Michael. His journey is an inspiration, showcasing incredible achievements that are just the beginning.

Early Days at PGPSM

Abhishek Michael's journey from ISM GLOBE to EURM

Abhishek Michael was part of the founding PGPSM batch at ISM GLOBE. He possessed a deep passion for Sports Technology and Sports Psychology. Throughout the program, Abhishek diligently built his CV, laying a solid foundation for his future in Sports Management. His keen interest in football led him to actively participate in ISM GLOBE’s flagship event, the GLOBERS CUP.

Placement at ISM Academy and Scholarship to EURM

Following his PGPSM, Abhishek Michael secured a placement at the ISM Academy as a Program Manager. He played a pivotal role in developing the academy’s grassroots training facilities. Abhishek’s dedication was recognized, and he was awarded a scholarship from ISM GLOBE to pursue a Master’s in Sports Management and Technology at Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid (EURM). Stories like Abhishek’s exemplify how students at ISM GLOBE leverage opportunities to achieve great heights.

ISM GLOBE offers multiple certified courses that students can pursue after completing graduation. We also offer degree courses including an 11 month Post Graduate Program in Sports Management in which the PGPSM student can study 6 months in Spain and 6 months in India. ISM GLOBE is your go-to destination for short-term sports management programs, which aim to provide the best education in sports and management.

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