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Careers in Esports

✍️ Rohit Singh

🗓️ July 5, 2024

If you really carry the immense passion for gaming and consume the gaming content day in and day out, then the esports industry awaits to showcase your expertise and help you make a handsome living out of your dream job. There are various ways to nurture a careers in esports. For example, if you are a technology graduate, you can proceed into game development, or if you have a management background, you can become a product or team manager who manages and markets products to esports players and fans.

Stay with this article for a few minutes to learn about different non-gaming job opportunities in esports.

Esports Social Media Manager

In the esports industry, the role of a social media manager comes with great responsibility. They handle all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to engage with fans, promote events, teams, and players, and build brand awareness, thus increasing consumer outreach. If you have been a gamer in the past and share a deep connection with gaming, you will surely enjoy this job role.

Esports PR/Marketing Executive

A marketing executive mostly works on the business verticals and holds the responsibility for improving the company’s reputation or image by providing the right insights. They also invest in advertisements through a proper strategy using different tools like the internet, and television to spread their message.

Esports Business Development

A business development manager plays a pivotal role in helping the business to grow. They uphold the key responsibility for finding new opportunities, establishing healthy relationships with potential clients, researching leads, and arranging appointments with sales executives.

Esports Team Manager

One of the most fascinating and lucrative job profiles in the esports field is that of a Team manager/owner. They are responsible for anything happening within the team, from recruiting and coaching players, negotiating contracts and sponsorships, managing the team’s travel accommodation, to managing budgets and developing strategies for tournaments.

Want to Make a Career in Esports?

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