Roadmap to becoming a Cricket Analyst
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Data is the new future! As many of us have heard this and thus making data and analytics an integral part of all fields. Cricket has been no different. The field of sports makes it even more sensible when it comes to having a minute eye at data to improve the performance level of every player. Data and analytics do not just help in making performance enhancement but also make an individual aware of their pattern of play.

It depicts the value of a player. Helps gauge the potential, strengths, and weaknesses that make a larger scope for the improvement of a player.

Cricket Analytics also very popularly known as  “Criclytics”  is a process of analyzing data related to the field of cricket. From making observations on team performance to assessing marks and even getting the probability of winning and much more. That’s the job of a cricket analyst.

Who is a cricket analyst?

A cricket analyst is a person who analyzes data related to the field of cricket. In layman’s language, a cricket analyst segregates the data, video, or session into smaller parts and observes them. There can be different ways he uses to break down the data either by watching the video of the game or the player or by the mode of coding. It’s quite interesting as a job where you can estimate how a player is doing and depending on the accuracy even predict their future value.

How can one become a Cricket Analyst?

A cricket analyst is a very niche profession. To be a cricket analyst one can broadly take up sports management as a course or a degree/specialization in sports analytics. Being a cricket analyst is not much big of a task to achieve only if you have an interest in learning and analyzing data daily. Having the talent of being a good analyst can help you achieve greater success in your career.

Here are some tips to become a good cricket analyst:

  • The most important thing to have to be a good cricket analyst is knowing and understanding cricket and having in-depth knowledge of the sport.
  • Have an interest in analyzing data and stats and focusing on the minute details of each game. 
  • Being playful with numbers is the cherry on top for you! 
  • Constantly hone your knowledge of cricket and analysis, and learn and gain as much as possible. 
  • Bare in mind that the job allotted to you won’t come easy and a mistake can lead someone in the wrong direction hampering their career thus a sense of responsibility is much required. 
  • Initially, you should start with analyzing and uploading your thoughts and views on a particular match or the performance of a player online. This will not just help you train yourself but the reviews on it will also provide you with different perspectives every time. 
  • Putting all of the above into action than in words will benefit you immensely in the field of cricket analytics.


The future of sports has already begun to tame into a new vision of data and analysis. Being in a field where two of your favorite interests cricket & data can come together is no less than a boon. It provides you with the skill of predetermining the success/ failure of a game. Having a good eye for data can make you shape a player’s performance and contribute to his / her productivity. Apart from this contribution to the field of cricket is also the responsibility of a cricket analyst. Being confident in your word and being open to learning is the way to reach the peak. 

“The journey would not be easy but a very worthy one indeed. “

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