Young Indian Achievers Of Today: Olympics 2022

Young Indian Achievers Of Today: Olympics 2022


Do you know what makes the youth sharp and swift? Why are they so enthusiastic and rebellious? Why do they have such strong-minded opinions that can shake the world? The answer is the “fire” they hold within themselves. Something that makes them unstoppable. 

A clear justification for this is that Today’s Generation is not the one that’s only making reels on social media platforms but also making the Nation Proud by showcasing an impeccable performance out there, stealing many hearts and motivating budding dreamers. 

They say only the ones that “Dare to Dream, Dare to Excel” & that’s what makes them achievers. An individual who dares to make an impact through the aim that he/she has set will always be focusing on achieving the aim & keep winning secondary. 

The outstanding performance that we got to see at Birmingham Olympics 2022 has been a great experience, to see such young determined dreamers turning into achievers. The passion for sports and the energy they performed with, were excellent. The achievement they have been wanting to have in the past years of their lives working up for the medals they have achieved & ways in which sports have evolved is great to see. When it comes to scopes and opportunities in making a career, any sports enthusiast can today make it happen for themselves.

The performance every Indian Witnessed at Olympics 2022 surely might’ve motivated and brought to life new hopes of winning a medal for the country. Opening up new ways and opportunities for individuals who want to make a career in sports. Being the pride of the nation and setting an example makes the country believe in “Realise Your Dream”. Something that every individual should believe in. How these enthusiastic youth like Jeremy Lalrinnung, Achinta Sheuli, and other young players are making a difference already by having a clear aim as to what their goals in life have been. Achieving it at all possible costs.

 India has been very considerate in participating in the commonwealth games since 1934 and is excelling in doing so even today. Achieving higher milestones and making a mark. The passion we see today in the youth of India is a clear representation that they know what they are doing, what they want to do, and what they want to achieve. Irrespective of injuries while performing players have still not given up, which shows how responsibly they have performed. Portraying the nitty-gritty that an Indian is made of. India as a country has been adaptive to the sports industry and there are many keen on knowing more about the management of the sports industry. 

Sports as an industry has been growing drastically over the years its great how the new generation has taken sports so seriously and worked on it. Making it a part of their professional career. There have been newer and much more possible ways where an individual can contribute in the sports industry. There’s a lot that goes behind winning a medal hard work, passion, grit, and the “Never Give Up” attitude irrespective of the circumstances they might have faced. Sports as a field has a lot to offer and the most interesting part is that you need not always be a professional player for it. There are many ways you can contribute to the sports industry and still make a difference! 

Hats off to the winners who made all Indians proud and have brought India on 4th position at the all-rounder Commonwealth 2022 Games Tally.

Realizing your dream and knowing what you want to invest your time into is the choice of every individual, and that’s what makes the difference! Today India is very proud and honored by the country’s youth who never gave up on their passion for sports. They have reached heights that have a face of scintillating medals but blood, sweat, pain, injury, hard work, and tears at the base of it. 

“ It takes a lot for a dreamer to be an achiever, but it takes a lot more to maintain the achievement. ”

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