The roles of a football manager
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Football is the game that brings an individual to the edge of their seat & enjoys it. A game that makes your heart beat faster with every player’s move. Teams put in years of hard work to perform their best. To make the audience experience this feeling a lot goes behind it, something that’s the effort of a football manager. The heroes who run the show, make sure that each player is playing their best game. A link that connects the audience and professional players.

The role of a football manager is quite hectic since they hold the responsibility of team performance and majorly the portrayal of a team‘s image. A Football Manager can thus make or break a team. A football manager chooses the head coach and other officials for the team and brings in the best talents together. He/she also looks at all the legal requirements.

The roles of a football manager are:

  • Creates an operational plan & tracks delivery for the same 
  • Looks after the contracts of players & coaches 
  • Makes active participation in Endorsements & Sponsorships 
  • Handles budgeting 
  • Handles appointments of efficient staff 
  • Prepare reports of player performance for every match 
  • Keeps a check on equipment
  • Checks of merchandise & sales 
  • Coordinates between players, coaches, league officials, and the general committee.
  • A Team’s spokesperson

These roles are segregated depending on the phase the team is in like pre-season, during, or post-season. The duties of a football manager are vivid depending on what he has to deal with. They plan and strategize for the betterment of the team for them to make a lasting impact by providing positive results.

Skills that are required to be a great Football Manager:

1. Communication Skills:

A football manager can handle everything on his list if they are great at communicating and persuading their point to each individual they deal with. From players to coaches and even committee members. Since they are the spokesperson of the team.

2. Strategizer:

Having that edge to tactfully strategize for the team would be a boon to the way a team would present. Closely watching every match and making tactful decisions on the ground is one major skill needed in a football manager.

3. Leadership:

A manager is a face who leads the team and notes every step and work of the team members, their strengths & weaknesses. Why is the leadership required here? It’s because it’s easy to analyze a player’s strengths and weaknesses but leading them to the right path is the task of a manager. Not just about leading the sports team but also handling the staff and keeping them motivated to work towards the same goal. 

4. Man Manager:

Dealing with players of all types is the quality that all great managers possess irrespective of how stubborn the player is. Knowing how to deal with players who lost confidence and make them regain it, to carve them into stronger players. Using different methods or approaches helps make a visible positive difference. 

5. Work Under Pressure:

Knowing how to keep calm, while also being positive, is the mind of a wise man. Handling situations that are stressful and having trust in each player helps boost their confidence & play their best. This confidence in the team will develop a Never Give Up attitude in them and help them achieve greater heights as a team. 

The phases of innovation in football as a sport has experienced are uncountable & thus adapting to evolutions is the way to go for every football manager. Adapt, strategize and work are the 3 magical words that can help an aspiring football manager walk up the ladder.

“ A football manager is the backbone of a football team the firmer the bone the stronger the team.. simply”

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