5 Must Read Books for Sports Management

The best knowledge is not just served on a platter that is visible. It’s created in your
head, visualized, and imagined in the best way possible to get the best outcome or
understanding. Books provide a great source of knowledge and understanding about
the topic. Moreover imagining the experience that is lived by the writer. Imagining the
situation, and understanding what the writer has to convey is the most important
while reading a book.

Sports Management is a practical profession something that requires experiential
knowledge. But it’s always great to have a theoretical backing to it. Knowing and
understanding the people who have already been in the field and shared their best
experiences. Legends who have made a mark in the field of sports management.

Here are the Top 5 Books one must read to understand Sports Management better:


1. Eleven Rings: The soul of Success by Phil Jackson 

A book by Phil Jackson also the very successful winning coach in the history of the NBA. An explicit coach who trained legends like Michael Jorden and Kobe Bryant. A book that teaches and makes one aware of the experiences a great coach like Phil had to go through. From handling players of all types to maintaining the glory. Plenty of takeaways and learnings of managing success and failure in the journey of an epic career.
A mixture of mistakes and wins is the knowledge this book provides.


2. Moneyball: The Art of Winning an unfair game by Michael Lewis

This amazing book explains how Billy Beane’s approach made a huge impact on the success of Oakland Athletics. Michael Lewis has thoughtfully explained how analytics has overpowered skills and politics within teams. The book was later made into a film under the same name.
There’s are many external factors that act as a hurdle for a sports manager. This book will exactly tell how to tackle them. 


3. Playbook for Success by Nancy Lieberman 

The “lady magic” in the industry of sports, Nancy Lieberman. The book shows her journey in the Basketball field. She was being a former women’s basketball player and coach to the Women’s National Basketball Team. She also was the second woman recruited as a coach by the NBA. Learning and exploring various skills has helped her way up from being a basketball player to an NBA coach and that’s what is mentioned in her book.
Being a women who wants to make a mark in the sports industry.This is the book that can be the perfect guide.


4. Wooden: A coach’s Life by Seth Davis

The story of an impeccable coach John Wooden. Someone who made a UCLA team wins 88 consecutive matches. This most famous UCLA coach has trained and carved a team that was unstoppable at all times. He also coached UCLA to 10 NCAA championships in 12 years, making him one of the most successful college basketball coaches in history. The book consists of interviews of such great UCLA Team members and the tactics used by Wooden to bring them close to success.
A mentor is that pulley who links the individual and his pot in the well. Smoother the function to the pulley the beneficial the individual is. 


5. Imperfect: An Improbable Life by Jim Abbot 

The inspiring story of a pitcher who was born without a right hand. There’s something about the surrounding that adds to your game and perspective in life. Jim’s book reads all the challenges and difficulties he has faced and is outshined through them all. The company he was surrounded with and the people who believed in him acted as a major source of strength for him leading him to success.
Achievement isn’t having everything and winning more, it’s more like an achievement when there are a thousand reasons that stop you but one to keep going!


There’s a lot that goes behind being a professional sports manager and there have been a lot of legends who nailed it through their experiences and tactics. These learning and experiences are something that won’t be the same for all but undoubtedly the ones that keep an individual away from repeating the mistakes they did!

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